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​Enthousiaste quant à l'impact des technologies de l'information et de la communication sur l'activité économique, la Conférence des Nations unies sur le commerce et le développement (Cnuced) estime toutefois qu'il faudra légiférer pour que les pays en voie de développement et les petites entreprises ne soient pas les laissés-pour-compte de ces avancées.

The Rentiers Are Here
Project Syndicate (Czech Republic)
25 September 2017
​In the past few decades, the world's largest corporations have increasingly been extracting profits from the economy instead of generating them through innovation. Reversing this trend is essential for future growth and social cohesion; but it won't be easy.

​Study says spending cuts have encouraged rise of robots and AI and heightened job insecurity, particularly for women

​A new strongly-worded UN report has slammed the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, calling Israeli settlement activity a “major obstacle” to the economic development of the Palestinian territories and a huge stumbling block to a two-state solution.

Can trade deliver the UN’s 2030 agenda?
Thomson Reuters Foundation News (UK)
17 July 2017
​Trade can be a source of prosperity, new ideas and shared values and ambitions.Today, the world strives to harness globalization in realizing the social, economic and environmental goals embodied in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Making sure that trade plays its part is a must, which means both sustaining it and ensuring its consistency with sustainable development.

​Tourism is fueling economic growth in many African countries and Africans themselves are increasingly the ones driving the demand, a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report said.

A new report finds flourishing tourism in Africa is putting millions of people to work and adding billions of dollars to national economies. The UN Conference on Trade and Development’s annual Economic Development in Africa Report projects continued robust growth in tourism in the coming years.

The Case for Mainstreaming Gender in Trade Policy
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (Switzerland)
13 June 2017
​Is trade policy an effective instrument to narrow existing gender gaps? Can more gender-sensitive trade policies hinder the spread of the anti-globalisation backlash? This article attempts to provide answers to these questions with a focus on Africa.

UN sounds warning on global FDI flows
Financial Times (UK)
07 June 2017
​Cross-border investments by businesses have still not returned to pre-crisis peak

​Global foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by less than previously thought in 2016 and will rise this year and in 2018, although its flow will stay below the peak seen 10 years ago, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

​UNCTAD highlights the importance of monitoring and tracking progress towards the achievement of relevant economic, social and environmental targets in the maritime transport.

​Harmful fishing subsidies that contribute to overfishing are estimated to be as high as $35 billion, fisheries experts from UNCTAD today said, highlighting one of the key issues that will be debated at next month's Ocean Conference.

Alibaba's Ma warns of stifled e-commerce
Bangkok Post (Thailand)
05 May 2017
​Mr Ma's comments came during UNCTAD's annual E-Commerce Week convention, which this year focused on ways to make cross-border e-commerce more inclusive and accessible for countries that lack the technology, infrastructure and know-how to reap its benefits.

El curso, que se enmarca dentro del programa “Train for Trade” organizado por la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas para el Comercio y el Desarrollo (UNCTAD), ha contado con la presencia de 24 representantes de las comunidades portuarias del país filipino.

​The project is being implemented with the application of the Empretec model - already tested and proven in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East under the guidance of UNCTAD.

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