UNCTAD's work on services
UNCTAD's work on Services

UN Member States recognize the importance of the services economy.
Accra Accord paragraph 55 states that "the services economy is the new frontier for the expansion of trade, productivity and competitiveness, and for the provision of essential services and universal access."

The recently approved Doha Mandate, which reaffirms and builds upon the Accra Accord, instructs UNCTAD to continue its work on services (para. 56(c)) while once again recognizing the importance of the sector: "development of, and access to, services, supported by adequate regulatory and institutional frameworks, are important for sound socio-economic development" (para. 44).

The relevance of the services sector for the generation of opportunities for greater income, productivity, employment, investment and trade, as well as to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals was also recognized in the first edition of the Global Services Forum (GSF), held in Doha, Qatar, the 19th of April 2012, as a pre-event of UNCTAD XIII.


UNCTAD's work on Services, Trade and Development
Services, Trade and Inclusive and Sustainable Development
UNCTAD XIII, 19 April 2012