The Public Symposium

The Public Symposium is the annual outreach event of UNCTAD where government officials, civil society representatives, academics, the private sector and other interested observers come together to engage in an open and interactive dialogue on key trade and development issues.

With its broad participation and emphasis on multi-stakeholder cooperation, the Symposium offers a unique opportunity for sharing best practices and engaging a wide range of development actors in constructive policy dialogue.

The 2013 edition of the Symposium will include a combination of moderated plenary sessions with leading experts and personalities from developed and developing countries and parallel group sessions organized by UNCTAD, civil society and partner organizations.

The plenary sessions will be held in the mornings of each day in the form of interactive panel discussions moderated by a journalist or an expert. These sessions will address the core themes of the day and set the tone for further discussions.

Following the morning debate, a number of parallel breakout sessions will be convened in the afternoons. Led by participants and UNCTAD, these group sessions will provide an opportunity for deeper insight into the specific issues debated during the mornings.

The closing plenary will be convened in the afternoon of the second day.