Title Start Date Location Type
Annual Accounting Workshop31 Oct 2017Meeting
Mini-Ministerial by the Friends of E-Commerce for Development (by invitation only)25 Apr 2017Event
Programme de gestion portuaire TrainForTrade : Diffusion du module portuaire sur la Gestion administrative et juridique09-13 Jan 2017Event
Launch of the Least Developed Countries Report 201613 Dec 2016Event
The second Steering Committee meeting for the Project for Strengthening Competition and Consumer Protection Law Enforcement Capacities in Ethiopia01 Dec 2016Event
Launch of the Review of Maritime Transport 201607 Nov 2016Event
National Biodiversity Stategies and Action Plans Forum, UNEP–UNCTAD Webinar18 Oct 2016Event
Presentación y defensa de Monografías del Curso de Gestión Moderna de Puertos de la UNCTAD y Reunión de coordinación de la Red de Habla Hispana del Programa de Gestión Portuaria17-19 Oct 2016Event
Mission d’analyse aux Ports de Nouakchott et de Nouadhibou12-19 Oct 2016Event
Presentación y defensa de Monografías del Curso de Gestión Moderna de Puertos de la UNCTAD12-14 Oct 2016Event
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Management Programme - Delivery of Module 2, Cycle 2 in Manila 10-14 Oct 2016Event
New on-line course on Trade in Services Statistics for LDCs03-07 Oct 2016Event
Launch of the Trade and Development Report 201621 Sep 2016Event
Launch of UNCTAD Report on assistance to the Palestinian people: developments in the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory 201606 Sep 2016Event
Launch of the Economic Development in Africa Report 201621 Jul 2016Event
Launch of the World Investment Report 201621 Jun 2016Event
E-commerce and Digital Economy: Business as Usual?18 Apr 2016Event
Trade and Regulation in a Digital Economy18 Apr 2016Event
Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs through E-commerce and E-services14 Apr 2016Event
Multi-year Expert Meeting on Promoting Economic Integration and Cooperation, fourth session14-15 Apr 2016Meeting
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