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Special briefing session for Commonwealth Parliamentarians on e-commerce legislation24 Apr 2013YaoundéEvent
UNCTAD Voluntary Peer Review of Namibia, Dissemination Event17-18 Feb 2015WindhoekEvent
Bioenergy in the context of the SDGs at the African Carbon Forum 201402 Jul 2014WindhoekEvent
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade E-learning Course on “E-commerce for Practitioners”24 Mar-25 Apr 2014West African countriesEvent
ANDE-UNCTAD meeting on the role of the software industry in developing countries14 Jan 2013Washington, DCEvent
CSTD 2013-2014 Inter-sessional Panel02-04 Dec 2013Washington, D.C.Event
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Awards Modern Port Management Certification in Namibia11-12 Jun 2013Walvis BayEvent
Walvis Bay, Namibia: delivery of the UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Modern Port Management course on "Technical Management and Human Resources Development" 25-28 Mar 2013Walvis BayEvent
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Training delivery in Namibia11-15 Feb 2013Walvis BayEvent
UNCTAD trains port operators from the Namibian Ports Authority on "Future Challenges to Ports"08-12 Oct 2012Walvis BayEvent
First Lao Organic Agriculture Forum23 Mar 2012Vientiane CityEvent
Field visit to Lao on Consumer Protection Law and Policy, in particular training capabilities 27 Nov-02 Dec 2014VientianeEvent
The Third Lao Organic Agriculture Forum (LOAF 3)14-15 Jul 2014VientianeEvent
National Workshop on Trade Policy and Poverty Reduction in Lao PDR03-05 Jun 2014Vientaine, Lao PDREvent
Course on Competition Law Enforcement 26-30 Mar 2012VictoriaEvent
UNCTAD/CITES/PCP side event at the 27th Meeting of the CITES AC: Innovative initiatives for the sustainable management of CITES Appendix II listed species29 Apr 2014VeracruzEvent
Training of Trainer Workshop, modules 1-4 - Modern Port Management Course 13-24 May 2013ValenciaEvent
UNCTAD Seminar on Preferential Rules of Origin 09-11 Jun 2014UlaanbaatarEvent
Presentation of the Draft Investment Policy Review of Mongolia26 Mar 2013UlaanbaatarEvent
Dissemination Event for the Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy Mongolia06-07 Dec 2012UlaanbaatarEvent
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