Title Start Date Location Type
Seminar on Trade, Development, and Law: In the Context of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Financing for Development (FfD)23 Jun 2015New YorkEvent
Octopus Conference 2015 : Cooperation against Cybercrime17-19 Jun 2015StrasbourgEvent
Presentation of the draft Investment Policy Review of Kyrgyzstan16 Jun 2015BishkekEvent
Second phase needs assessment for Tunisia; a CCPB MENA Programme beneficiary country16-17 Jun 2015TunisEvent
Commonwealth Broadband Forum 201516-17 Jun 2015AbujaEvent
Virtual Institute Regional Workshop on Trade and Gender Analysis15-19 Jun 2015PotchefstroomEvent
First course of the INDECOPI-UNCTAD/COMPAL School on Competition and Consumer Protection on E-commerce in Latin America 15-19 Jun 2015LimaEvent
Second phase needs assessment for Algeria; a CCPB MENA Programme beneficiary country14-15 Jun 2015AlgiersEvent
Briefing on progress made in the implementation of WSIS outcomes over the past ten years10 Jun 2015New YorkEvent
Second phase needs assessment for Morocco; a CCPB MENA Programme beneficiary country10-12 Jun 2015RabatEvent
Fourth Lao Organic Agriculture Forum (LOAF 4)10-12 Jun 2015VientianeEvent
Launch of the EIF Tier 2 project on Strengthening of Productive and Trade Capacities of Benin09-11 Jun 2015CotonouEvent
Consultation on development of an online complaint filing system for Competition and Tariff Commission of Zimbabwe08-12 Jun 2015HarareEvent
Séminaire de formation de formateurs, réseau portuaire francophone du programme TrainForTrade de la CNUCED08-19 Jun 2015MarseilleEvent
Awareness raising seminar on the role of competition law in Zimbabwe05 Jun 2015HarareEvent
Consultations of the President of the Trade and Development Board05 Jun 2015GenevaEvent
Consultations on the Revision of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection04 Jun 2015GenevaEvent
6th Islamic Conference Organization‘s seminar on Competition Policy and law 03-04 Jun 2015TunisEvent
UNCTAD/CFC/UN-OHRLLS side event at the High-Level Meeting on the Follow-up to the 2nd UN Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries02 Jun 2015LivingstoneEvent
UNCTAD participation at High-level meeting on the follow-up to the 2nd UN Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries02-04 Jun 2015LivingstoneEvent
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