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Short courses on key issues on the international economic agenda for delegates from Permanent Missions in Geneva09 Oct 2012GenevaEvent
UNCTAD trains port operators from the Namibian Ports Authority on "Future Challenges to Ports"08-12 Oct 2012Walvis BayEvent
Session on Measuring e-commerce at the WTIM 201226 Sep 2012Bangkok, ThailandEvent
TDB 59th Session - Lunch Event BioTrade:Trade working for biodiversity in practice25 Sep 2012Event
Diffusion du module 8 du cours sur la Gestion Moderne des Ports24-28 Sep 2012LibrevilleEvent
Virtual Institute study tour for the University of International Business and Economics, People's Republic of China24-28 Sep 2012GenevaEvent
Diffusion des modules 8 du cours sur la Gestion Moderne des Ports24-28 Sep 2012LibrevilleEvent
Meeting convened pursuant to article 57, paragraph 3, of the International Cocoa Agreement, 201019 Sep 2012LondonEvent
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade delivers Modules 7 & 8 of its Port Training Programme in Indonesia 17-28 Sep 2012BaliEvent
Formation pédagogique d'instructeurs portuaires pour le réseau francophone du programme TrainForTrade de la CNUCED17-21 Sep 2012Gijón, EspagneEvent
Publication launch: Trade and Development Report 201212 Sep 2012Event
National workshop: Who is benefiting from trade liberalization in Cape Verde? A gender perspective11-12 Sep 2012Praia, Cape VerdeEvent
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade delivers Module 8 of its Port Training Programme in Ghana10-14 Sep 2012TakoradiEvent
Difusión del Módulo 6 del Programa de Capacitación Portuaria de la UNCTAD en el Perú 10-14 Sep 2012LimaEvent
Empretec Latin America Forum and Regional Training Workshop for Empretec Instructors10-13 Sep 2012Panama CityEvent
Virtual Institute online course on trade and poverty09 Sep-30 Nov 2012Event
Publication launch: Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian People05 Sep 2012GenevaEvent
Japan’s Experience with the Regulation of Technology-Licensing Agreements: What Lessons for Developing Countries? 03 Sep 2012GenevaEvent
Regional Consultation on Strengthening Competitiveness of South Asia in leather and leather products 03-04 Sep 2012Chennai, IndiaEvent
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade delivers Module 7 of its port training programme02-10 Sep 2012MaleEvent
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