Title Start Date Location Type
UNCTAD Virtual Institute Study Tour for Chinese member universities05-09 Oct 2015GenevaEvent
UNCTAD XIV Preparatory Committee (First Meeting)02 Oct 2015GenevaEvent
Regional Workshop on Mainstreaming Trade into National Development Strategies in Asia and the Pacific01-02 Oct 2015ManilaEvent
Short Courses on Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda for Geneva-based Diplomats01 Oct 2015GenevaEvent
Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Trade in Sustainable Fisheries29 Sep-01 Oct 2015GenevaEvent
National workshop on Mainstreaming Trade into National Development Strategies in Bhutan29 Sep 2015ThimphuEvent
Regional Workshop on E-commerce legislation harmonization in the Caribbean29 Sep-02 Oct 2015Port of SpainEvent
Regional training course on International Investment Agreements: Reforming the International Investment Regime28-30 Sep 2015MinskEvent
Ad-Hoc Expert Meeting on Non-Tariff Measures Classification28-29 Sep 2015GenevaEvent
Workshop on Policy Coherence for local production of pharmaceutical products and other means to improve access to medicine and medical products in the East African Community21-23 Sep 2015KampalaEvent
UNCTAD's COMPAL Programme organizes the Fifth International Consumer Protection Forum in Cuzco, Peru15-16 Sep 2015CuzcoEvent
UNCTAD speaks at the 5th International Conference on Lignocellulosic Ethanol 15 Sep 2015BrusselsEvent
Official presentation of the STIP review of Thailand14 Sep 2015BangkokEvent
Inicio del módulo II del curso de Gestión Moderna de Puertos en el Perú14-17 Sep 2015LimaEvent
UNCTAD's COMPAL Programme trains Peruvian officials and university students on competition and consumer protection issues11 Sep 2015ArequipaEvent
Presentation of the draft Investment Policy Review of Madagascar10 Sep 2015AntananarivoEvent
Inicio del módulo II del curso de Gestión Moderna de Puertos en la República Dominicana07-11 Sep 2015Santo DomingoEvent
Workshop on Policy Coherence for Local Pharmaceutical Production and Access to Medicines: The Experiences of Thailand and Vietnam06-09 Sep 2015Hya HinEvent
Awareness raising seminar on the role of competition law in Zimbabwe04 Sep 2015BulawayoEvent
Stakeholders workshop on draft competition policy for Zimbabwe02 Sep 2015HarareEvent
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