Title Start Date Location Type
Launch of the Least Developed Countries Report 201525 Nov 2015Event
Briefing on Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: Trade in biodiversity-based goods and services25 Nov 2015GenevaEvent
Atelier régional de renforcement des capacités sur l'optimisation des retombées du secteur des ressources minérales en Afrique centrale25-30 Nov 2015N'DjamenaEvent
Peer review on the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, and its Impact over Certain Aspects of BioTrade24 Nov 2015GenevaEvent
Swiss e-Commerce Conference24-25 Nov 2015BadenEvent
International Debt Management Conference, tenth session23-25 Nov 2015GenevaMeeting
17th Africa Oil, Gas and Mines Trade and Finance Conference and Exhibition23-26 Nov 2015KhartoumEvent
Workshop on Integrating Gender Analysis in Caribbean and Economic Growth Programmes23-26 Nov 2015BridgetownEvent
UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Training Programme Cycle 1 Dissertations23-28 Nov 2015ManilaEvent
Training Course, Escuela INDECOPI COMPAL22-27 Nov 2015LimaEvent
Symposium on Entrepreneurship for Peace19 Nov 2015GenevaEvent
Consultations of the President of the Trade and Development Board17 Nov 2015GenevaEvent
Gender Academy16-27 Nov 2015TurinEvent
UNCTAD Virtual Institute Study Tour for Colombian member universities16-20 Nov 2015GenevaEvent
Briefing for UN delegates on UNCTAD Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development and the World Investment Report 2015 12 Nov 2015New YorkEvent
Sofia Competition Forum12 Nov 2015SofiaEvent
UN-CSTD Ten-year Review of the Progress Made in the Implementation of the WISIS Outcomes (Side event at Internet Governance Forum 2015)11 Nov 2015João PessoaEvent
Advancing bioenergy in Latin America: UNCTAD collaborates with IRENA on liquid biofuels event in Quito, Ecuador11-13 Nov 2015QuitoEvent
UNCTAD and Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment Conference on Investment Treaty Reform10-11 Nov 2015New YorkEvent
Workshop on the Implementation of Trade and Transit Facilitation in Botswana10-12 Nov 2015GaboroneEvent
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