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Namibia Port Authority
Launch of the Port Training Programme in Namibia
Bangladesh Prime Minister to attend UNCTAD XIII
30 years TDR
Panellists: Time for Trade and Development Report to become mainstream?
Investment Policy Monitor
Latest UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor released
UNCTAD's EPF highlighted during workshop on FDI and Entrepreneurship Development in Rabat, Morocco
25 January 12 - Meeting on enhanced cooperation (18 May 2012)
12 Sept 11 - SECO-funded UN Cluster initiative in Laos and Tanzania
29 July 11 - ECOSOC takes note of LDC-IV and extends appreciation for related Turkish initiatives
14th session of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development Geneva 23 to 27 May
17 Jun 11 - Outcome documents: 14th session of the CSTD
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