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Annual Meetings of ISAR
ISAR’s annual sessions are among the largest expert meetings hosted by UNCTAD, and serve as a focal point within the UN system for issues of corporate transparency and accounting. ISAR’s annual sessions at the Palais des Nations in Geneva regularly attract hundreds of participants from a large proportion of member States. The participants come from a range of key stakeholder groups, including:
  • policy-makers and regulators;
  • accountancy organizations at the national, regional and international level;
  • the accounting industry;
  • institutional investors, financial services firms and capital market authorities;
  • academia; and
  • civil society.
The annual sessions of ISAR are a unique and inclusive forum for addressing issues of corporate reporting and exchanging experiences from different parts of the world. Increasingly valued by international experts on accounting and reporting, the annual sessions of ISAR continue to attract more participants from more countries.
Each session of ISAR produces a set of agreed conclusions which guides its ongoing work. These agreed conclusions and an overview of the deliberations that took place during the session, can be found in each session’s final report. For copies of session reports and the papers submitted to an annual session of ISAR, see the ISAR Sessions, Topics and Documents page, and select a specific session.



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