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ISAR Chairpersons
ISAR Chairpersons are elected by the Group of Experts for each session and represent a broad range of geographic and technical experience.
List of ISAR Chairpersons
Session Chairperson Country
32nd Ms. Vania da Costa Borgerth Brazil
31st Mr. Ewald Müller Qatar
30th Mr. David Szafran Belgium
29th Mr. Jim Osayande Obazee Nigeria
28th Mr. Damir Kaufman Croatia
27th Ms. Nancy Kamp-Roelands The Netherlands
26th Mr. Syed Asad Ali Shah Pakistan
25th Prof. Nelson Carvalho Brazil
24th Prof. Ato Ghartey Ghana
23rd Mr. Rudolf Müller Switzerland
22nd Mr. Aziz Dieye Senegal
21st Mr. Abbas Ali Mirza Saudi Arabia
20th Prof. Nelson Carvalho Brazil
19th Mr. David Moore Canada
18th Mr. Richard Martin United Kingdom
17th Prof. Nelson Carvalho Brazil
16th Prof. Alicia Jaruga Poland
15th Prof. Nelson Carvalho Brazil
14th Dr. Herbert Biener Germany
13th Prof. Nelson Carvalho Brazil
12th Mr. Aziz Dieye Senegal
11th Mr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Jordan
10th Dr. Istvan Friedrich Hungary
9th Ms. Marta Aguirre Mexico
8th Ms. Asta Tjolsen Norway
7th Mr. S.R. Singh India
6th Mr. Peter A. Wessel Netherlands
5th Mr. Mohamed Adel-El-Safty Egypt
4th Mr. Tomas Garrido Uruguay
3rd Mr. Irtiza Husain Pakistan
2nd Mr. Peter A. Wessel Netherlands
1st Mr. Jaime C. Laya Philippines



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