Globalization, Interdependence and Development

Through its programme on Globalization and Development Strategies, UNCTAD contributes to the international debate on globalization and the management of its consequences for developing countries.

The programme promotes policies at the national, regional and international level that are conducive to stable economic growth and sustainable development. It regularly examines the trends and prospects in the world economy, undertakes studies on the requirements for successful development strategies and on the debt problems of developing countries.

It also provides technical support to developing countries in their efforts to integrate into the international financial system and to manage their external debt.



Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
11 April 2013Seventeenth Colombian university joins Virtual Institute network
University of Bulgaria
28 March 2013Bulgarian university becomes forty-second core Virtual Institute member
Jagannath University
07 March 2013First university from an Asian LDC joins Vi network
Ghana University of Cape Coast
04 March 2013Ghanaian university expands Virtual Institute's reach to 43 countries
World We Want - Post 2015
23 January 2013UNCTAD to lead post-2015 e-discussion on development-led globalization
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