Experiences exchanged between BioTrade Vietnam - BioTrade Peru
25 - 28 June 2012
Lima, Peru

Key Issues


The Vietnamese BioTrade Coordinator, Mr. Ta Minh Son, participated in a field visit to learn from the Peruvian experience in implementing BioTrade.

During his visit, Mr. Son was able to learn of the institutional structure of the Programme thanks to the meeting with representatives of the National Commission for the Promotion of BioTrade. He also discussed the lessons learned and the experiences from PromPeru and National Institute of Natural Products (IPPN), as well as the projects Peru BioDiverso (SECO/GIZ) and Financing facilitation for BioTrade initiatives (GEF/CAF). Finally, the Ministry of Environment shared his work in developing a policy framework to support BioTrade value chains in Peru.

This mission was organized between Helvetas/Swiss Intercooperation – Vietnam and the Peruvian National Commission for the Promotion of BioTrade and facilitated by UNCTAD BioTrade.


Co-organized with:Helvetas/Swiss Intercooperation - Vietnam; Peruvian National Commission for the Promotion of BioTrade


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