Course on Competition Law Enforcement
26 - 30 March 2012
International Conference Centre Seychelles, Room 2
Victoria, Seychelles

Key Issues

An Induction Course for the Commissioners on Institutional and Organizational Aspects of Competition Law Enforcement and Intermediate Training on Investigative Procedures and Case Handling for Investigative Officers and Case Handlers of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Seychelles. 

This will be a capacity-building event on institutional and organisational aspects of competition enforcement, investigative procedures and case handling for the Commissioners and the investigators and case handlers of the Fair Trading Commission. 


Capacity building event to train Commissioners and technical staff (case handlers and investigators) of the recently formed Fair Trading Commission, Seychelles.
Purpose of the event  

The purpose of the event is to provide training on institutional and organizational aspects of competition law enforcement and investigative procedures and case handling to the Commissioners, investigators, case handlers of the Fair Trading Commission, Seychelles and representatives of regulatory bodies, enforcement officers and other government officials. 

Expected outcome / Deliverables 

A well versed Board of Commissioners who will be able to independently adjudicate cases in a well informed and structured manner and competent investigators and case handlers who will be able to investigate and handle cases effectively. 

Resource Persons 

  • Hassan Qaqaya, Head, Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, UNCTAD  
  • George Lipimile, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa  
  • Oliver Josie, Competition Commission of South Africa


Co-organized with:UNCTAD and the Fair Trading Commission, Seychelles
Sponsor / funding:Republic of Seychelles/UNCTAD
Language(s):English; English;


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