TDB 59th Session - Lunch Event BioTrade:Trade working for biodiversity in practice
25 September 2012
Room XXVI, Palais des Nations

Key Issues

DITC-TED35Sep12-speakers.jpg​During a special lunch event at the 59th Trade and Development Board, representatives of governments and the private sector joined delegates to present and discuss their experiences with BioTrade as a means of supporting the sustainable use of biodiversity. The event opened with a screening of a video that illustrates the work of the BioTrade Initiative in Ecuador, particularly with alpaca knitwear and medicinal plants infusions (Click here to see the video).


The event illustrated the ways in which BioTrade can support national sustainable development and the green economy, with presentations by representatives from the Geneva-based Missions of Mexico and Ecuador, as well as from the private sector. The experiences shared exemplified how BioTrade can encourage broader trade and environmental policy frameworks to integrate sustainable use of biodiversity and poverty reduction into national legislation.



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