unctad.org | Side Event at CITES 66th Standing Committe. Traceability Systems for Ornamental Plants
Side Event at CITES 66th Standing Committe. Traceability Systems for Ornamental Plants
13 January 2016
Room 13, Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG)
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues


Traceability Systems for Ornamental Plants
12.45–13.45, Room 13, CICG, Geneva.
The event aims to present UNCTAD's work in assessing the applicability of traceability systems that are under review (or applied) to CITES-listed non-timber forest plant species, focusing on ornamental and medicinal plants.
 Particularly, the event will present the preliminary finding of the ornamental plants study for the Latin American region, with emphasis in the Andean region. This study has been developed in consultation with the CITES Secretariat, CITES Management and/or Scientific authorities in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, as well as UNEP-WCMC, Traffic and private stakeholders (Orquivalle, Colombia; Centro de Rescate de la Flora Amazónica, Ecuador; and Agro Oriente Viveros S.A.C., Peru).
Welcome remarks
Bonapas Onguglo, UNCTAD (Chair)

Introduction to traceability issues under CITES
Haruko Okusu (TBC), CITES Secretariat 

UNCTAD's project on traceability systems for CITES-listed non-timber forest plant species
Lorena Jaramillo, UNCTAD

Preliminary findings of the traceability study for ornamental plants under CITES Appendices II and III
Heiner Lehr, UNCTAD Consultant

Key note commentators:
· Ursula Moser, CITES Management Authority, Federal Food Safety and Veterinarian Office (FSVO), Switzerland and Chair WG on annotations for Appendix II orchids
·  Mirbel Epiquién Rivera, CITES Management Authority, SERFOR, Peru

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