Biofuels Side Event: No One-Size-Fits-All: Exploring New Sustainable and Socially Inclusive Biofuels Experiences in Developing and Least Developed Countries
19 June 2012
15:00-18:30 hrs. Brazilian Military Institute of Engineering (IME)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil

Key Issues

Biofuels represent a promising, albeit controversial, alternative to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. They can deliver renewable energy services in sectors such as transport, cooking and small-scale electricity generation. Since different countries have different development needs, the role which biofuels can play is dependent on the specific contexts where they are to be developed.

The side event will examine the main opportunities and challenges in mainstreaming sustainable and socially responsible criteria in a diverse set of biofuel production experiences. By examining different biofuel experiences from various perspectives, the event will profit from concrete examples of how biofuel potential in the developing and least developed world can be used to enhance energy diversification and security, income generation and livelihoods of populations and sustainable practices.
The side event will promote reflection and recommendations on how countries can find entry points in the green economy by developing their bioenergy potentials, in line with the goals of sustainable development and poverty eradication which guide the UNCSD Rio+20.  More >>
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