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UNCTAD MENA National Awareness Raising Seminar on Consumer Protection Law
27 July 2017
Amman, Jordan

Key Issues

​UNCTAD MENA Programme – National Awareness Raising Seminar on Consumer Protection Law

With the advent of trade liberalisation and globalisation, consumer protection policy and law, enforced and promoted by national regulatory authorities, have become increasingly important. The same is true with regard to regional trade agreements and regional integration schemes. For these reasons, a growing number of countries including emerging and transitional economies have adopted consumer protection laws. For example, most countries now have consumer protection laws and a growing number cite consumer protection in their constitutions.
In the words of the UNCTAD manual on consumer protection, (currently under revision), ‘Consumer protection is intended to address disparities in the consumer-supplier relationship – the disparities of bargaining power knowledge and resources’. Policy and law can, for example, include a range of incentives to serve entire populations, and also sanctions against unfair commercial practices. Laws, setting out consumer entitlements are needed as well as institutions to ensure that such laws are applied. Issues addressed may be ‘horizontal’, across the economy or ‘vertical’, specific to particular sectors. The subject matter is very wide.
Consumer protection and policy enhance economic efficiency since they encourage responsiveness to consumer needs especially when supported by competition policy, and they promote innovation and technical progress. They can contribute to social cohesion by promoting access to essential goods and services for the whole population. The UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection (UNGCP) were revised in 2015 and adopted unanimously by the UN General Assembly and set the bar by which many countries set their own legislation, institutions and policy.
In 2017 Jordan revised its Consumer Protection law. This workshop will draw upon the awareness of national participants in this field by reviewing the legislation and discussing its provisions in light of the UNGCP, making comparisons as appropriate, with other countries in the MENA Project region.
• Members of Government
• Members of Parliament
• Judges
• Academics
• Business Sector
• Representatives of the Consumer Protection Directorate and Consumer Protection Council
• Representatives of Consumer Organisations
• Media
Co-organized with:Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply - Jordan
Sponsor / funding:GOVERNMENT OF SWEDEN
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