unctad.org | First Workshop of the Euro-Mediterranean Competition Forum (EMCF): Competition Advocacy in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
First Workshop of the Euro-Mediterranean Competition Forum (EMCF): Competition Advocacy in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
11 July 2013
Room XII (1st floor), Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

The EMCF is a regional cooperation initiative first introduced in December 2011 during a meeting in Vienna in the margins of the event on the "Application of competition law in the Mediterranean countries", organized by the Austrian Competition Authority in cooperation with UNCTAD and OECD.  The idea was then presented in a meeting in Geneva in the margins of UNCTAD’s 12th session of the IGE.

The debates resumed during a two-day meeting held in Rabat on the 15th and 16th of November 2012, where the following points were agreed upon: to create an informal network, the “Euro-Mediterranean Competition Forum (EMCF)”, to be revised in a conference in Malta in 2014; to appoint a provisional Coordination Committee with the Austrian, Moroccan, Tunisian and Turkish competition authorities, as well as UNCTAD and a representative of the civil society, the Austrian and Moroccan competition authorities chairing; to keep the Forum open and inclusive but to set eligibility criteria for members of civil society; to deal with four topics within the following two years: advocacy, objective conditions allowing the emergence of independent competition authorities, consultative role of competition authorities, and cooperation alternatives on cases/topics of cross-border importance; and to hold two workshops in 2013 (in the margins of UNCTAD’s IGE in July and in Tunisia in November).
The EMCF last met in Rabat in November 2012. There it was found that some countries were facing important challenges in the field of competition advocacy to the public and private sectors, and that some exchanges of experiences in different jurisdictions could be of help. Thus, it was decided that the EMCF first workshop would deal with advocacy issues. The purpose of the workshop would be to find ways to better convey the “competition message” to certain constituencies in the public and private sectors, identifying successful and unsuccessful strategies and tools.
EMCF members, ie, competition authorities and interested members of civil society of the region, and invited experts:
-           Mr. Juan Luis Crucelegui
-           Mr. Khaled Attia
-           Mr. Patrick Krauskopf
-           Ms. Pamela Sittenfeld
-           Mr. Krzysztof Jaros
-           Mr. Francisco Marcos
UNCTAD contacts:
Hassan Qaqaya, Head of the Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, DITC
Patricia Cordovilla, Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, DITC



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