unctad.org | Lunch Time Event: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through ICTs
Lunch Time Event: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through ICTs
15 May 2013
Palais des Nation, Building E, Conference Room E-8121
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

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ICTs offer women entrepreneurs new opportunities to strengthen their businesses. Through mobile phones, electronic platforms, radio, TV, blogs and the Internet, women entrepreneurs are reaching out to customers and building their businesses in ways they could not do before. Effective use of ICTs is helping women entrepreneurs in developing countries and developed countries to overcome several barriers.

This lunch time talk will feature the following four women entrepreneurs visiting Geneva for the World Summit for Information Society Forum 2013 as part of the ILO/UNCTAD Project on Leveraging ICTs in Support of Women's Entrepreneurship. They will speak on how ICTs are being used to enable them to build their businesses and the challenges and opportunities which women entrepreneurs face in using ICTs in their countries.

  • Blandina Sembu, has a TV show for women, Jarida La Wanwake/ITV, Tanzania

  • Ashenafi Achamyelesh, Managing Director, Konimix Trading, Ethiopia and President, Addis Ababa Women Entrepreneurs Association, Ethiopia

  • Mellonie Mukilima, Certified Virtual Assistant, Kenya

  • Thao Nguyen, CEO & Co-founder Star Anise Foods, an all-natural food company, Canada

Co-organized with:UNCTAD and ILO
Ms. Marie Sicat, UNCTAD (marie.sicat@unctad.org) at ext. 7-3447.
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