UNCTAD to participate in EU-Tunisia Twinning
24 September 2013
Institut National de la Consommations
Tunis, Tunisia

Key Issues

Tunisia's Institut National de la Consommation is working on a Consumer Protection Bill and in doing so, is taking into consideration  the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection and the experience of the EU.

UNCTAD has been working on Tunisian consumer protection issues for several years. For some time now, the Institut National de la Consommation of the Ministère du Commerce et de
l'Artisanat has been preparing a bill to present to Parliament for enactment. This bill has had the input of EU Members regarding the most recent developments on consumer protection.
In particular, France's Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes has promoted a EU-Tunisia Twinning. In this context a legal workshop on the bill will take place in Tunis on 24 September 2013. The event will include the participation of France, Germany, Tunisia and UNCTAD and will be devoted to specific consumer protection issues of interest to the Tunisian authorities. In particular, this will include presentations of a comparative study between EU and Tunisian legislation; alternative dispute settlement mechanisms; codification strategies; and the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection.


On this occasion, UNCTAD will present a comparative analysis between Tunisia's proposed Consumer Protection Bill and the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection. Further, UNCTAD will also have the opportunity to present the latest developments regarding the revision of the GCP and promote delegates’ participation in this process.
Participants: Delegates from France, Germany, Tunisia and UNCTAD.


Co-organized with:Institut National de la Consommation of Tunisia
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