Capacity-building workshop on policies and strategies for sustainable graduation of Cambodia from LDC status: prospects, opportunities and challenges
08 - 10 October 2013
Bayon Room, First Floor, Ministry of Commerce
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Cambodia

Key Issues

  • Policies and strategies for sustainable graduation of Cambodia from LDCs category: joining the value chains, diversification, building productive capacities in Cambodia

    This session is to set a tone for the workshop and provide a direction for the subsequent discussions. It will particularly highlight the potential and opportunities existing in Cambodia and the challenges facing the country in achieving structural economic transformation, value addition and diversification objectives.

  • Graduation from LDC status: background, performance, process, and implications for Cambodia

    This session is intended to provide historical and conceptual background to LDC’s category and graduation, including UN criteria and rules for graduation with policy implications to Cambodia.

  • Progress towards internationally agreed goals including graduation and policy options

    This session is intended to provide insights into Cambodia's progress towards internationally agreed goals in comparison with selected other LDCs. It will also examine the experiences of the recently graduated countries together with policy lessons to be drawn from such experiences. Finally, the session looks into the technical assistance needs of Cambodia and what UNCTAD and other UN-system agencies can do in support of the country.

  • Challenges and priorities for Cambodia: policies and strategies to accelerate structural transformation, productive capacity-building and inclusive growth.

    This session will address policies and strategies required to achieve structural economic transformation, building productive capacities and export diversification to promote inclusive growth and development in Cambodia. It will examine the role of garments sector and the dangers of excessive dependence on low value added and low quality export items as well as the importance of market access for Cambodia’s development. What should Cambodia do to get the most out of its garments sector and the current market access arrangements? What International support Measures are needed to build economic resilience of the country?

Co-organized with:UNCTAD and the Ministry of Commerce Royal Government of Cambodia


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