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Third Meeting of the Sofia Competition Forum
07 November 2013
Hotel Sheraton
Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria

Key Issues

The Sofia Competition Forum (SCF) was jointly established by the Bulgarian competition agency and UNCTAD, with the aim of providing capacity building to Balkan countries as well as a forum for the exchange of experiences and best practices in the area of competition law enforcement and agency effectiveness.

This is the third meeting of the SCF and will focus on communication with the media and bid-rigging. The meeting will review best practices and recent experiences of the Balkan countries as well as experiences from the EU. It is expected that the event will facilitate the dissemination of UNCTAD, ICN and OECD recommended practices and allow participants to learn from the experiences of each other.


Representatives from all of the Balkan countries will be in attendance, as well as resource persons from EU, Bulgarian Competition Commission, the private sector and UNCTAD.



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