unctad.org | e-Learning course on: Integrating REDD+ Projects into BioTrade Strategies
e-Learning course on: Integrating REDD+ Projects into BioTrade Strategies
20 January - 15 February 2014

Key Issues

In order to build the capacity of BioTrade partitioners and policy makers in harnessing the joint benefits of REDD+ and BioTrade, the UNCTAD BioTrade Initiative with the support of the United Nations Development Account, has developed the e-Learning course on:  Integrating REDD+ Projects into BioTrade Strategies. The course will be delivered in English and Spanish to a total of 50 participants from Latin America and Africa from 20 January to 15 February, 2014.


Participants will learn about key concepts and methodologies related to both BioTrade and REDD+. They will also develop their ability to identify synergies between REDD+ and BioTrade, as well as the capacity to assess the potential for combining the two approaches. Additionally, they will start building their capacity to develop and implement joint BioTrade and REDD+ projects through step by step guidelines.
Course materials are based on inputs from REDD+ and BioTrade experts, as well as on the outcome of research and stakeholders consultations conducted in the framework of country projects implemented in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador in 2013. Additional documents are also available for each module and key topics.



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