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UNCTAD workshop for University Professors on Competition and Consumer Protection Law Enforcement issues in Cajamarca Peru
07 - 10 May 2014
University Urrelo
Cajamarca, Peru

Key Issues

The Peruvian Competition Authority (INDECOPI), through the National School of Competition and Intellectual Property, and UNCTAD will be holding a training workshop in Cajamarca for university professors. This workshop will be part of both the COMPAL Programme and the national objectives of INDECOPI, particularly to decentralise knowledge and expertise on competition and consumer protection issues at the national level.

The principal objective is to familiarize the Professors of Cajamarca University and other universities across the north of Peru with the best international practices on Competition and Consumer Protection issues, together with INDECOPI local experts coming from the Peruvian Capital.
UNCTAD has also been requested by the Peruvian Government to deliver a presentation of the recent UNCTAD report on the implementation of the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection (UNGCP), which was discussed during the latest Ad-hoc Expert Group meeting on Consumer Protection in July 2013. UNCTAD experts will give a very detailed presentation of the report, which has been divided into four parts:
·         The Objectives and General Principles of the UNGCP
·         The Guidelines of the UNGCP
·         Electronic Commerce
·         Financial Services
Experts drawn from a competition enforcement background, along with UNCTAD, will conduct the training sessions (detailed information on the experts can be found in the attached Spanish version of the work programmes). The Experts will guide the sessions, but discussions are encouraged and participants are free to express opinions and to raise case specific issues.  
The participants will work in small groups of about 6 persons formed on the basis of self- election and a cross- mix of participants. The course will begin with a session that will address theoretical issues and then discuss real - life and theoretical cases intended to illustrate and clarify issues under each of the six topics outlined above. Each participant will be provided with: 
·         Training materials, including the UNCTAD training module on competition and Consumer Protection issues
·         Competition case studies drawn from developed and developing countries
·         A compendium of national competition laws and other laws relevant to competition
·         UNCTAD Model Law on Competition and UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection
·         UN paper on the implementation of the UNGCP (1985-2013)
·         Lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations by all the experts
·         Biographical data of each participant and experts
This activity is fully funded by the Peruvian Government as the COMPAL Programme for Peru is in a transition period from phase II to phase III. The Peruvian Government, through the Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (INDECOPI), has given its full support to the activity and hence, the financial commitment to continue working throughout 2014, despite the lack of available COMPAL funding.
The expected outcomes of the workshop include: 
·         Better understanding of Competition and Consumer Protection issues by Academia nationwide
·         In-depth discussion concerning the impact of the UNGCP in Peru


Co-organized with:INDECOPI, Peru
Sponsor / funding:INDECOPI, Peru
Pierre M. Horna
Tel: +41 22 917 4766
E-mail: Pierre.Horna@unctad.org


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