National Workshop on Trade Policy and Poverty Reduction in Lao PDR
03 - 05 June 2014
Laos Plaza Hotel, Vientaine
Vientaine, Lao PDR, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Key Issues

The workshop and the training and capacity building module are organized to sensitize Lao officials from the public and private sectors and civil society to the role of public policy to reduce poverty through trade development.

The workshop will also highlight the link between the goal of poverty reduction through trade development and Lao PDR's national vision of graduation from Least Developed Country status.

The wider nature of economic policy beyond trade policy choices in the quest for structural economic progress and poverty reduction will justify a debate on the overall role of the State in promoting trade development.

As a complement to the national workshop, the training module is intended to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the issues and policy responses relevant to the link between trade policy and poverty reduction and its implications for national development planning.

The training module will also address the role of structural transformation and poverty reduction in the country's progress toward thresholds of graduation from Least Developed Country status.

All aspects of the relationship between trade, poverty reduction and structural progress will be, as far as possible, examined in the light of developments in the main sectors of the Lao economy.

Co-organized with:The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
Sponsor / funding:UNCTAD / Development Account


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