Distance learning course on the Legal Aspects of E-Commerce for the East African Community (EAC)
30 April - 01 May 2012

Key Issues


Stakeholders from various institutions in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda will benefit of the distance learning course on the Legal Aspect of Electronic Commerce developed by UNCTAD's Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Law Reform and TrainForTrade Programmes.  


From 1 to 31 of May, about 70 persons will be enrolled in the training.
This training is organized pursuant to the recommendation made by the East African Community (EAC) Task Force on Cyberlaws for the development of human resources and skills in order to successfully implement cyber law legislation frameworks developed with the support of UNCTAD over the last 4 years. A training of tutors was organized last February in EAC countries to facilitate the delivery at distance of the training by the local tutors.


The objective of the UNCTAD training course is to contribute to capacity building of government officials and key industry players of EAC, in particular policy and law makers in all aspects to be considered for the drafting of electronic commerce laws.  The course will help the participants understand the legal implications of e-commerce and identify the main development policy issues involved and priority areas for law reform. This course will also enable participants to share progress made both nationally and regionally in the cyber legislation process.

Another distance learning training will be organized in October 2012 for EAC countries. Delivery in French is also planned for Burundi.


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