National Training Workshop on Environmental Requirements, Market Access/Entry and Export Competitiveness for Leather and Footwear Products from Viet Nam
30 - 31 March 2004
Ho Chi Minh City

Key Issues

Supported by a country case study, along with UNCTAD training modules and presentations by national industry experts, the workshop will focus on the interface between environmental requirements, market access and export competitiveness in the leather and footwear industry in Viet Nam.

The meeting will center on the following key issues:

  • information gathering and dissemination;
  • current adjustment approaches and capacity building needs, and
  • pro-active policies for effective participation in international standard setting.

The main target audience is the private sector, along with government officials and representatives of academia and NGOs.

The workshop is organized under the project "Building Capacity for Improved Policy Making and Negotiations on Key Trade and Environment Issues" (INT/0T/2AQ)   More



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