National Stakeholder Workshop: Definition, Criteria, Issues and Identification of Environmental Goods
08 - 09 June 2005

Key Issues

The aim of the event is to have an informed discussion among all concerned stakeholders on (i) the policy objectives; (ii) criteria; and (iii) procedural considerations that bear on the definition and selection of EGs for a national list that could be submitted to the WTO.

Discussions should also include "defensive" interests of the country, such as unintended liberalization for dual-use EGs or the protection of infant national EG industries.

CBTF will make available the following background documentation for the meeting:
  • Briefing paper on issues of definitions and criteria used in the negotiations on EGs in the WTO;
  • An analysis of trade of developing countries in potential EGs; and
  • An analysis of recent Philippine trade in potential EGs

The meeting is not expected to draft a list of specific items of EGs. However, the event should clarify all key elements that bear on the selection of EGs, identify the core groups of EGs that are of particular export and import interest to the Philippines, and agree on follow-up activities that support the drafting of a national EG list that could be submitted to the WTO.



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