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Meeting of Trade Ministers of Landlocked Developing Countries
08 - 10 August 2005

Key Issues

The main purpose of the Meeting is to have an exchange of views on relevant elements of the international trade agenda with a view to preparing common positions of LLDCs to guide their concerted actions in the Doha round of trade negotiations, with a particular focus on the forthcoming WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.

UNCTAD has prepared a report in two parts on effective participation of landlocked developing countries in the multilateral trading system. (UNCTAD/LDC/2005/3/ Part I +II).

Part One of the report analyzes the situation of the LLDCs in the international trading system and makes proposals for long-term policy strategies to mitigate the effects of remoteness from world markets as well as to address constraints related to poor physical infrastructure, weak institutional and productive capacities, small domestic markets, and high vulnerability to external shocks.

Part Two focuses on aspects of the ongoing WTO negotiations, which are most relevant for LLDCs. It highlights the approach and positions pursued by them in the Doha process with a view to facilitating the process of stocktaking and reflection towards a coherent and consolidated negotiation strategy of LLDCs on issues of critical importance to them.

As much as the Doha Development Round may help LLDCs to mitigate the adverse impact of their specific characteristics and constraints on their participation in the global trading system, it is also understood that massive assistance from bilateral and multilateral donors, in particular regarding infrastructure development and the establishment of competitive productive capacities, is needed to accelerate the development process in these countries.



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