UNCTAD/ INMETRO Sub-regional Stakeholder Meeting on EurepGAP - Opportunities and Challenges for Central and Southern America
08 - 10 December 2005
Rio de Janeiro

Key Issues

The workshop aims at discussing policy aspects of the development and the benchmarking of national codes on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) for horticultural products to the EurepGAP standard. In particular, the discussion will focus on how national conditions and development priorities, including those related to small- and medium-sized producers can be reflected in a national GAP code and what roles Governments and public-private partnerships should play in preparing and implementing the national codes and their benchmarking.

The workshop aims at an open sub-regional dialogue between government, private sector and academia representatives, based on country-case studies on Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica as well as a study of the EurepGAP secretariat on the concept, procedural requirements and preliminary experience with benchmarking of national GAP codes.

The meeting is part of the sector-focused project activities of UNCTAD´s Consultative Task Force on Environmental Requirements and Market Access for Developing Countries.



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