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Ad-hoc Expert Group Meeting on Logistics Services
12 - 13 July 2006

Key Issues

The Meeting aims at discussing policy options that enhance the contribution of logistic services to growth, trade and development and at identifying approaches that developing countries may follow in building supply-side capacity and seeking access to global logistics markets as a means of effective integration into the global economy.

In that context, the Meeting will address:

  • the new realities and developments in international trade in logistics services;

  • the importance of logistics services to developing countries and the sector´s role in the attainment of national development objectives;

  • strategies that could strengthen the use and development of trade and transport capabilities, including through institutional reform, public/private partnerships, adapting legal frameworks and streamlining administrative procedures.

It will also address competition and regulatory issues relating to the logistics sector, as well as the current progress in the WTO negotiations on logistic services and related negotiations on trade facilitation.

As mandated by the Commission on Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities at its tenth session the Meeting will provide an opportunity for actors from the public and private sectors, including trade negotiators, policy makers and academics, to explore different facets of logistic services in an open debate at the international level.

The aim is to assist developing countries in strengthening their capacities to increase their participation in global services trade, in particular in logistics services, and apply the insights gained to help strengthen domestic services and regulatory capacity. To this end, the Meeting will endeavor to bring about an exchange and convergence of views on a set of policy options necessary to achieve further progress in GATS negotiations on logistics services, as well as consider the different negotiating approaches that can be used to produce pro-development commitments.

The Meeting will also discuss and review areas of international assistance that developing countries can benefit from during the process of developing their logistics sectors and in facilitating access to the global logistics services market.



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The Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Logistics Services will be held on Thursday, 13 July 2006, at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The Meeting will open at 10 a.m.


Member States of UNCTAD are requested to nominate experts at an early date and not later than 30 June 2006. Experts will participate in the Meeting in their personal capacities, are expected to have proven expertise in the subject and may be selected from governmental and non-governmental organizations, private entities or academia. The Meeting may be of particular interest to government officials and representatives of the private sector dealing with the logistics services sector, including regulators, services trade negotiators and services providers. In addition, experts from international and regional organizations dealing with issues related to the topic will be invited as resource persons.

Specialized agencies and intergovernmental bodies wishing to participate in the Meeting, as well as non-governmental organizations in the General Category and those in the Special Category wishing to participate as observers, are requested to inform the UNCTAD secretariat of the names of their representatives by 30 June 2006.

Background documents and contributed papers

The agenda for the Meeting will be provided shortly. In order to facilitate the discussion, the UNCTAD secretariat is preparing an issues note, which will be circulated.

In addition, all experts are encouraged to prepare and submit brief papers related to their country´s experience in regulation and liberalization of logistic services, the sector´s contribution to the development of developing countries, and opportunities for suppliers of logistics services from developing countries to access regional and global markets. These papers will be made available to the Meeting in the form and language in which they are received.


The meeting will take place at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Palais des Nations. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in the six official languages of the United Nations.

Further information and contact details

Nominations and related communications concerning representation at the Meeting should be sent to the UNCTAD secretariat, Intergovernmental Affairs and Outreach Service, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10; fax: + 41(0) 22 917 0214; e-mail: correspondence@unctad.org.

Enquiries concerning substantive issues should be addressed to a coordinator in the substantive division, Ms. Mina Mashayekhi or Martine Julsaint-Kidane, tel: +41 (0) 22 917 5866 or +41 (0) 22 917 5863, fax: +41 (0) 22 917 0044, e-mail: mina.mashayekhi@unctad.org or martine.julsaint.kidane@unctad.org.

Supachai Panitchpakdi
Secretary-General of UNCTAD
21 June 2006


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