Workshop on environmental requirements and market access for developing countries: how to turn challenges into opportunities
03 - 04 July 2006
Palais des Nations, Room XXIII

Key Issues

The CTF is a multi-stakeholder forum that, in addition to government representatives, is open to participation by the private sector, NGOs, academia and relevant international organizations.

The CTF meeting aims at reviewing:

  • the outcome of recent sector-focused project activities implemented under the CTF;

  • progress on the feasibility analysis on setting up a gateway to guide users on and facilitate access to existing on-line databases on environmental, health and food-safety requirements; and

  • the thrust of future CTF activities.

The meeting will also discuss the outcome of sector- and country-focused activities on environmental requirements and market access carried out under the UK-DFID-funded UNCTAD project "Building Capacity for Improved Policy Making and Negotiation on Key Trade and Environment Issues", implemented in the period February 2003 to August 2006.

Part of the discussions will focus on two sectors:

  1. horticulture; and

  2. electrical and electronic equipment and energy-using products.

The CTF session will take place back-to-back with tentatively planned meetings of the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment on 5-7 July in order to allow delegates to those meetings to attend the CTF meeting as well.



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