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Hearing with civil society and the private sector (2006)
22 September 2006
Palais des Nations, Room XIX

Key Issues

​The third hearing with civil society and the private sector will be convened as part of the 53rd session of the Trade and Development Board. The objective of the hearing is to allow non-state actors to express their views on the issues before the Board.

The hearing will focus its discussion on "UNCTAD, development and the way forward".
Questions to guide the debate:
  • How can UNCTAD be more effective? How can UNCTAD enhance its political engagement in the context of global governance?
  • Has trade been the best means for development? How can countries best meet their employment objectives?
  • What is the role of the development of productive capacities and its importance in poverty reduction? Why is the present aid system in Africa not working?


A civil society representative will address the opening plenary of the Board on 27 September to present civil society´s statement.


A Report of the Hearing, to be prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat and will form part of the official Board documentation.
Who should attend?
NGOs/CSOs having observer status with UNCTAD and those accredited to UNCTAD XI and previous hearings are encouraged to participate.
We also welcome requests from organizations that would like to be accredited and to participate in the Hearing.



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