4th Meeting of the Regional Standards Technical Working Group (RSTWG)
14 - 15 December 2006
Stanley Hotel

Key Issues

The RSTWG consists of one representative each from Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan National Bureaus of Standards (NBSs), one certification body from each of the three countries, one representative of national organic agriculture movements of the three countries and one representative from the East African Business Council. Representatives of the NBSs from Rwanda and Burundi have also been attending the meeting of RSTWG as observers.

The group is taking the lead for developing East African Organic Standards and has provided two drafts. The meeting will discuss the second draft of OA standards, which was circulated to more than 700 stakeholders for feedback, and will incorporate the suggestions received from them.

Related events: East Africa Policy Workshop on Organic Agriculture (11 December 2006)

Organic Standard Forum (13 December 2006 )



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