CBTF International Symposium on Environmental Requirements and Market Access: Turning challenges into opportunities
03 October 2007
Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG)

Key Issues

This international symposium will be convened by UNEP and UNCTAD under the auspices of the joint UNEP-UNCTAD Capacity Building Task Force on Trade, Environment and Development (CBTF).

The symposium will offer a platform for discussion and dialogue between policymakers, importers and exporters from both developing and developed countries, as well as business, public sector entities, international organisations and the donor community.

Particular emphasis will be placed on win-win opportunities to address key global environmental challenges such as climate change, energy and material efficiency and preservation of biological diversity, as well as serious local environmental problems such as waste avoidance, minimization and sound management.

The Symposium will seek to:

  • Address the challenges and constraints facing developing countries´ access to markets with a particular focus on environmental standards and requirements.

  • Identify market opportunities created by new environmental standards and requirements in key export markets of developing countries.

Presentations will be made by experts, followed by discussion, on two specific topics:

  • Agricultural products with a focus on requirements for organic agriculture.

  • Electrical and electronic goods with a focus on waste/recycling and energy efficiency requirements.



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