High-level Multistakeholder Meeting: Mobilizing Resources and Harnessing Knowledge for Development - Investment and the Local Production of Essential Medicines
14 - 15 November 2007
9:30-18:00 hrs., Room XXV, Palais des Nations (E-Building)

Key Issues

The objective of this Dialogue is to discuss options for strengthening developing countries´ and LDCs´ local capacities in the pharmaceutical sector, including through investment, IPRs, and trade.

Emphasis will be put on innovative approaches to the use of TRIPS flexibilities, on development objectives and on the feasibility of national approaches taken by various countries in line with their international commitments.

The Dialogue will provide a multilateral platform to involve key stakeholders in an informal discussion, with a view to identifying possible ways for collaboration.

UNCTAD will also use this opportunity to present its work on intellectual property and launch its Reference Guide to Using Intellectual Property Rights to Stimulate Pharmaceutical Production in Developing Countries.


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