Seminar for Landlocked Developing Countries: FDI in infrastructure development of LLDCs - issues at stake
23 - 24 March 2009
10:00-13:00 hrs., Room XXVI, Palais des Nations

Key Issues



  • Ms. Martha Moreno, Minister, Mission of Paraguay


    Ms. Jo Elizabeth Butler, Deputy Director, Division of Africa, LDCs and Special Programmes, UNCTAD


  • Ms. Anne Miroux, Head, Investment Analysis Branch, DIAE, UNCTAD

    Foreign direct investment and infrastructure financing in landlocked developing countries

  • Mr. Geoffrey Hamilton, Chief, Cooperation and Partnerships Section, Economic Cooperation and Integration Division, UNECE

    Key challenges facing LLDCs in using PPPs to meet their infrastructure goals

  • Mr. Raul Torres, Legal Affairs Officer, Development Division, WTO

    Complementing private investment: Aid for Trade infrastructure development for the benefit of LLDCs

Open discussion



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