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Launch of the UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2009/2010
08 February 2010

Key Issues

UNCTAD´s Trade and Environment Review 2009/2010 focuses on promoting poles of clean growth to foster the transition to a more sustainable economy in developing countries that enhance resilience to the inter-related economic, food and climate crises.

While several rapidly industrializing developing countries have not seen a major slump in their growth by the recent economic and financial crises, TER 09/10 focuses on the 140 plus low-income and least developed countries, which have not caused the economic, financial, climate and food crises, but have to bear the full brunt of these crises.

How can they effectively mitigate these inter-related crises while transiting to a qualitatively and structurally different growth and development model?

The TER 09/10 singles out three areas of sustainable, "green" growth that are of particular and strategic importance for the low-income and least developed countries:

  • Enhancing energy efficiency, often implemented in combination with material and resource efficiency.

  • Mainstreaming sustainable agriculture, including organic agriculture.

  • Harnessing the use of off-grid renewable energy technologies for sustainable rural development.

The TER 09/10 contains some 20 essays from a wide range of experts on these subjects, including two forewords from the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs of South Africa and the Minister of Trade and Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues of New Zealand.

The Review is under embargo until
5 p.m. GMT on 8 February 2010


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