Joint UNECE-UNCTAD Workshop: Climate Change Impacts on International Transport Networks
08 September 2010
Room XXI, Palais des Nations

Key Issues

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The UNECE-UNCTAD Workshop, held, as part of the twenty-third session of the UNECE Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics, is part of a series of UNECE activities focused on climate change and transport, and builds on the expertise and earlier work by UNCTAD on related issues.

It is expected to raise awareness among UNECE and UNCTAD member States, transport industry stakeholders, and intergovernmental/non-governmental organizations about the potentially important challenges climate change impacts and adaptation requirements present for international transportation - a complex set of issues that has so far received little attention.

It is hoped that the Workshop will provide a platform for fruitful and considered discussions and set the pace for future work on how best to bridge the knowledge gaps related to our understanding of climate change impacts on transport networks with a view to identifying adequate adaptation responses. Discussions are expected to cover issues relating to different modes of transportation in international supply-chains, taking into account the situation in both developed and developing countries.

Additional information and documents pertaining to the Workshop will be posted on the UNECE website.


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