International Conference and Exhibition on Climate Change, Agriculture and Related Trade Standards
01 - 02 November 2010
Hotel Istana
Kuala Lumpur

Key Issues

The Conference aims to promote awareness on the impact and required action regarding climate change mitigation opportunities in agriculture and the necessary measures for adaptation of agriculture to climate change with a view to facilitating more sustainable, climate-proof and environmentally friendly agricultural policies and production methods.

The Conference will address the objectives of eco-standard setting and the role of voluntary product carbon/GHG footprint standards in international food markets.

The topics will cover activities of the agricultural sector and its supply chain in crop-specific sectors - notably: fruits and vegetables, rice cultivation, animal husbandry and commodities, namely oil palm and rubber.

The progamme will include sessions on: agriculture and climate change; crop-specific issues related to climate change; and the role of climate related trade standards.

An Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Conference.

Target audience

Government officials, farmers associations, agriculture industry representatives and food processors, traders and retailers as well as officials and students from institutions of higher learning and representatives of non-government organizations.


The conference is co-organized by UNCTAD and ENSEARCH, and supported by FiBL, UNEP, and GTZ.

The event is endorsed by the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities Malaysia and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia.   More >>


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