unctad.org | International Conference on Local Pharmaceutical Production in Africa
International Conference on Local Pharmaceutical Production in Africa
03 - 06 April 2011
The Strand Towers Hotel
Cape Town

Key Issues

The objective of this 3-day conference is to give a comprehensive picture of key issues in the promotion of local pharmaceutical production in Africa to improve access to essential medicines.

It will be a unique opportunity to review the achievements of a number of projects implemented to foster local pharmaceutical industries in Africa since 2006 and to further develop and enhance these interventions.

The conference will provide a platform for an in-depth exchange among African countries and beyond on the key issues surrounding local pharmaceutical production at enterprise level, embedded in a national, regional and global context.

It will include topics such as production, financing, quality, technology transfer as well as the use of TRIPS flexibilities and the harmonization of drug regulation.

The conference will bring together a wide range of stakeholders whose collaboration is essential for promoting local pharmaceutical production, these include:

  • Representatives of pharmaceutical companies and associations in Africa and other developing countries
  • Ministries of Health
  • Ministries of Industry and Trade
  • Drug regulatory authorities
  • Patent offices
  • Judges associations
  • International organizations
  • Civil society and academia


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