Regional Workshop on Productive Capacities, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in African LDCs
12 - 15 April 2011
UN Economic Commission for Africa
Addis Ababa

Key Issues

As part of its initiatives to disseminate the findings of its Report on the Least Developed Countries, UNCTAD´s Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes (ALDC) is organizing a regional workshop on "Productive Capacities, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in African LDCs".

This workshop will provide an opportunity for UNCTAD to share its knowledge about economic development and poverty reduction in LDCs. It will also present an opportunity for us to learn from the experiences of LDCs with poverty reduction strategies. This workshop is intended to stimulate fresh thinking about development strategies and poverty reduction in the LDCs among both LDC Governments and their development partners.

UNCTAD is inviting representatives from LDCs, donor countries, and international as well as regional development agencies.


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