Special Event on Commodity Dependence and the Impact of the Multiple Global Crises on LDCs: Mapping the exposure to market volatility and building resilience to future crises
07 - 08 May 2011
Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC–IV)

Key Issues

The Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC–IV) will be an important occasion to address the challenges of commodity dependent LDCs and provide practical solutions for the decade ahead.

Taking into account the fundamental importance of opportunities and vulnerabilities linked to commodity dependence of LDCs, the Special Event is intended to closely examine the impact of the multiple global crises on the commodity sector of LDCs and their socio-economic progress.

Key Questions:

  • To what extent did the multiple crises affect productive capacities of commodity dependent LDCs?

  • How did volatility undermine the growth potential in LDCs’ commodity sectors, including food-security and food self-sufficiency?

  • What policy responses and specific actions are required to address the development challenges facing commodity dependent LDCs?

The objective of the Special Event is to reach consensus on priority areas of commodity-based strategies and on a commodity policy for action in the decade 2011- 2020.

National and international experts will make presentations on the basis of country case studies on selected LDCs from Africa and Asia, and on specific sectors of strategic importance for them.

The studies will particularly assist in examining practical experiences and coping mechanisms on the “ground” and provide policy lessons from successful experiences and best practices of different LDCs in mitigating the impact of the crises on their economies.

A presentation of a study on the recent food crisis, including the impact of price rises and price volatility on food security, will also be made. This will assist in formulating a common platform for addressing food-security problems and an exchange of views on policy conclusions and lessons learned on the subject.


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