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Green Economy and Rio +20: How can LDC’s benefit from a Successful Rio + 20 Summit?
12 May 2011
Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC–IV), Civil Society Forum

Key Issues

As global discussions and preparations proceed towards the Rio+20 Conference, questions have arisen in particular regarding the relevance of a ´green economy´ in the context of the LDCs.

As they stand today, LDCs have a low-carbon profile given their limited levels of carbon emissions. Their economies significantly rely on natural capital assets such as agriculture, forest resources, biodiversity and tourism, combined with a large potential for renewable energies.

Whereas countries in other parts of the world face economic and social challenges to decarbonise, LDCs can jump start the transition to a green economy from a different starting point, taking advantage of opportunities to leapfrog and build on sustainable practices they already have in many areas.

The workshop aims to:

  • Inform participants about the latest status regarding Rio + 20 preparations, with a special focus on those issues relevant for LDCs;

  • Gather input from civil society on the topics relevant for Rio+20; and

  • Enable civil society to contribute to LDC-IV in relation to Sustainable Development Issues, in light of the Rio Summit.

It will bring together representatives of LDC Governments and Civil Society Experts, UNEP and UNCTAD to present and discuss Green Economy issues related to LDCs in the context of Rio+20.

Film launched at LDC IV Conference High-Level Interactive Thematic Debate on "Reducing Vulnerabilities, Responding to Emerging Challenges, and Enhancing Food Security in the LDCs":
UNCTAD-UNEP Short Film, Organic Agriculture: A Good Option for LDCS


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