Training Module for Multilateral Trade Negotiations on Agriculture
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Agriculture plays an important role in developing countries and is at the centre of the current Doha Round negotiations.

This training module is a comprehensive course on multilateral trade negotiations on agriculture with a focus on development issues. For each pillar of the agreement - market access, domestic support and export subsidies - it explains the provisions; analyzes its implementation; and provides an overview of the current Doha Round negotiations on agriculture at the WTO. Special and differential treatment provisions and the cotton initiative are also covered by the module.

Disputes on agricultural trade have a big impact on the interpretation of WTO agreements as well as on current negotiations. Three recent cases are discussed in the module. It also introduces the simulation of agricultural trade policy changes and especially implications for developing countries.

Finally, the module explains all issues that are relevant regarding agricultural trade policies for acceding countries and provides an overview of the commitments undertaken by all acceding countries that joined the WTO after 1995.

The module targets newcomers as well as experts in the area of agricultural multilateral negotiations.


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