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The history of UNCTAD 1964-1984
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This book, prepared to mark the twentieth anniversary of UNCTAD, attempts to portray and assess the achievements of the Organisation, as seen by its secretariat.

It has been written by staff members of UNCTAD, past and present, in some cases individually and in others collectively. It does not commit the Governments of the member States of UNCTAD, nor does it commit the Secretary-General of UNCTAD.

In a nutshell, perhaps it can best be described as an attempt to review how far member States and the UNCTAD secretariat have together successfully pursued the basic aim of the Organisation, as set out by the General Assembly in its founding resolution, namely:

  • To promote international trade, especially with a view to accelerating economic developments to formulate principles and policies on international trade and related problems of economic development.
  • To make proposals for putting such principles and policies into effect.
  • To initiate action for the negotiation and adoption of multilateral legal instruments in the field of trade.
  • To be available as a centre for harmonizing the trade and related development policies of Governments and regional economic groupings.

The address by Mr. Gamani Corea, Secretary-General of UNCTAD, at the meeting of the Trade and Development board held to commemorate the 2Oth anniversary of UNCTAD, serves as an Introduction to the book.

Part One reviews the activities and achievements in the general world economic context and against the background of the interdependence of economies and of activities in different areas.

Part Two deals with particular topics, distinguished broadly along the lines of the various programmes adopted by UNCTAD intergovernmental organs and the corresponding work of the secretariat.

Part Three covers other specific areas of UNCTAD work within the overall United Nations framework.

Part Four contains an organizational chart of the intergovernmental machinery of UNCTAD, a list of selected UNCTAD meetings and a list of selected Reports and studies.


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