SOUTH AND EAST ASIA: LEADING THE WORLD ECONOMY by Professor Lawrence R. Klein, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences
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Since 1982, a number of prominent thinkers in the field of trade and development have given lectures at UNCTAD on topical issues. These lectures commemorate Raúl Prebisch, the first Secretary-General of UNCTAD.

This year´s lecturer is Professor Lawrence R. Klein. Klein is the 1980 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences. He received this honour for his ground-breaking work on using economic models for forecasting and economic policy analysis. He developed the Wharton Econonometric Forecasting Model and has been the principal force behind the LINK project. This project links different national economic models to create a global model so that economists can monitor how changes in one country can be reflected in others. LINK consists of a network of economists and international researchers and is recognized as a leading centre of econometric and policy analysis.

Klein is Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and has also taught at the University of Michigan, Oxford University and the University of Chicago.

In this year´s lecture, Klein will share his views on the economies of South and East Asia and the extent to which they are leading the world economy.


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