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DTL Activity Report, 2008
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This report presents an overview of the activities undertaken by the three branches of the Division on Technology and Logistics (DTL) in 2008. It is complemented by stories from beneficiaries in developing countries.

In 2008, the Division underwent a number of changes, the most important of which was the transfer of the Science and Technology Section from the Division on Investment and Enterprise to DTL. This, among other factors, led to a change in the name of the division from "Services Infrastructure for Development and Trade Efficiency" (SITE) to "Technology and Logistics" (DTL) in order to better reflect the type of work undertaken.

DTL consists of three branches:

  • Science, Technology and ICT Branch;
  • Knowledge Sharing, Training and Capacity Development Branch; and
  • Trade Logistics Branch, including the ASYCUDA programme.

The work programme of the Division is to enhance the economic development and competitiveness of developing countries, least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, small island developing States, and countries with economies in transition, in the globalized world economy and international trade, through efficient trade logistics services, transit transport systems, strengthened capacity to develop, increased access to and sustainable utilization of technology and knowledge - including information and communications technology (ICT), and training and capacity - building programmes for localinstitutions.

This is done through:

  1. promoting access to - and enhancing the capacity to develop and use - technology and knowledge;

  2. strengthening capacity in the areas of trade logistics and trade facilitation - including Customs, trade - supporting services and legal frameworks;

  3. following up as a focal point for the Executive Committee of Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA) on science and technology, as well as transport;

  4. coordinating and contributing to the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development that was launched at UNCTAD XI;

  5. coordinating the system - wide follow - up of the outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), including enhanced access to and efficient application of information and communications technology for development;

  6. serving as a secretariat for the Economic and Social Council´s Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) and reporting to the General Assembly; and

  7. developing human and institutional capacities in the fields of trade and the interrelated areas of finance, investment, technology, enterprise development, competition and sustainable development.

DTL works together closely with other divisions within UNCTAD, United Nations organizations, and partner institutions. The three pillars of UNCTAD - namely research and analysis, consensus - building and technical cooperation - are fully integrated into the work programme, and also into cross - cutting issues.


DTL Activity Report, 2008 (UNCTAD/DTL/2009/1)
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