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DMFAS - Annual Report 2008
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This report describes the activities, achievements and financial situation of the Debt Management and Financial Analysis System (DMFAS) Programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in 2008.

It is intended for the Programme´s donors, its development partners and its beneficiary countries, as well as for all others interested in debt and development issues.

The DMFAS Programme is a leading world provider of technical cooperation and advisory services in the area of debt management capacity-building. It is also a concrete example of how a United Nations Programme and the donor community can build capacity at the country level, in support of good governance, development and poverty reduction.

The Programme has been successful in helping Governments improve their capacity to manage debt since the early 1980s. As the debt situation of developing countries has evolved over the past three decades, the DMFAS Programme has adapted its technical assistance to the changing debt management needs of these countries.

The Programme´s objective of helping developing economies and economies in transition to strengthen their debt management capacity is supported by numerous United Nations resolutions on debt and development, the Accra Accord, UNCTAD´s São Paulo Consensus, the Monterrey Consensus, the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development goals.


DMFAS - Annual Report 2008 (UNCTAD/GDS/DMFAS/2009/1)
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